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Why We Should Fire George W. Bush

by William Shotts, Jr.

I have spent most of the second half of my career in the senior management of American business. A manager's primary responsibility is creation and execution of plans that further the success of the enterprise. What would a good senior manager do about a management employee who had spent hundreds of billions of dollars, putting the enterprise deeply in debt, risking the lives of thousands of other employees, only to discover that he had no plan for the successful completion of his project? Even worse, what if the entire project had been based on poorly researched, erroneous assumptions?

I know what I'd do. I'd fire him.

Today in America, we face this exact situation. Over the last four years, George Bush has failed to demonstrate that he has the management skill needed to successfully execute the office of President of the United States. Consider these facts:

  • Over the last four years, the United States has gone from having a large budget surplus to having a huge budget deficit. This is due, in no small part, to Bush being the only President in history to cut taxes during wartime.

  • George Bush is the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over an economy that suffered a net loss of jobs. I would remind you that Herbert Hoover was fired for that "achievement" alone.

  • President Bush has led us into a disastrous mistake in Iraq. The ineptness of the post-war planning borders on the criminally negligent. The post-invasion looting of the Iraqi museums and hospitals, and the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal may haunt America well into the next century.

No matter what you think of the present administration's ideology, it is impossible to overlook its lack of basic competence. In my years as a supervisor of employees, I learned to see the difference that competence makes in one's character. Capable people worry that they are incompetent. Incompetent people, on the other hand, think they never make mistakes. Being "resolute" is not the same as being courageous. Courage is being able to stand up for your beliefs rather than hide behind them. Courage is being willing to face your management; in this case, the public and press. Consider that this President has had only a handful of press conferences during his term. Compare that to his father (a much more capable and courageous man in my view) who held over 70 during his four years.

I wish the Republicans and Democrats had been able to field stronger candidates, and I know neither candidate has favorable positions on the issues that matter to the free software community such as patent reform, limitation of copyright terms, and repeal of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Such is the democratic system; you get what you get. But on Tuesday, November 2nd, I'm going to fire George W. Bush.

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