Xwdtopnm User Manual(0)                                Xwdtopnm User Manual(0)


       xwdtopnm - convert an X11 or X10 window dump file to a PNM image


       xwdtopnm [-verbose] [-headerdump] [xwdfile]


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       xwdtopnm  reads  an X11 or X10 window dump file as input and produces a
       PNM image as output.  The type of the output image depends on the input
       file  - if it’s black and white, the output is PBM.  If it’s grayscale,
       the output is PGM.  Otherwise, it’s PPM.  The program tells  you  which
       type it is writing.

       Using  this  program,  you can convert anything you can display on an X
       workstation’s screen into a PNM image.  Just  display  whatever  you’re
       interested  in, run the xwd program to capture the contents of the win-
       dow, run it through xwdtopnm, and then use pamcut to  select  the  part
       you want.

       Note that a pseudocolor XWD image (typically what you get when you make
       a dump of a pseudocolor X window) has maxval 65535, which means the PNM
       file  that  xwdtopnm generates has maxval 65535.  Many older image pro-
       cessing programs (that aren’t part of the Netpbm package and don’t  use
       the  Netpbm  programming  library) don’t know how to handle a PNM image
       with maxval greater than 255 (because there are two  bytes  instead  of
       one  for  each sample in the image).  So you may want to run the output
       of xwdtopnm through pnmdepth before feeding it to one of these old pro-


              This  option  causes xwdtopnm to display handy information about
              the input image and the conversion process

              This option causes xwdtopnm to display the contents of  the  X11
              header.   It  has  no effect when the input is X10.  This option
              was new in Netpbm 10.26 (December 2004).


       pnmtoxwd(1), pnm(1), xwd man page


       Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

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