XHFS(1)                                                                XHFS(1)


       xhfs - graphical interface for manipulating HFS volumes


       xhfs [left-path [right-path]]


       xhfs  presents  a graphical front-end for browsing and copying files on
       HFS-formatted volumes.

       The display is divided into two parts, left and right, which  can  each
       independently  view  a  directory  on  either an HFS volume or the host
       (UNIX) filesystem. Double-clicking the name of a  directory  in  either
       view  will open that directory. A pop-up menu at the top of each direc-
       tory view can be used to navigate to any directory between the  current
       and the beginning of the hierarchy.

       Text  files  can  be viewed by double-clicking them. Any file or set of
       files can be copied to the directory shown in the other view by select-
       ing them and clicking the "Copy" button. Copying is performed according
       to the selected copy mode:

       MacBinary II
              The file(s) will be copied using the MacBinary II  format.  This
              is  the  recommended  mode  for transferring arbitrary Macintosh

       BinHex The file(s) will be copied using the BinHex  format.  This  mode
              should  be used to encode Macintosh files into strict ASCII for-

       Text   In this mode, only the data fork(s) of the selected file(s)  are
              copied.   Furthermore,  translation  is  performed on the data’s
              end-of-line characters to conform to the standard for text files
              on the destination.

       Raw Data
              In  this mode, only the data fork(s) of the selected file(s) are
              copied.  However, no translation is performed whatsoever on  the

              A copy mode will be selected automatically according to a set of


       hfsutils(1), hfs(1)


       Robert Leslie <rob@mars.org>

HFSUTILS                          02-Apr-1996                          XHFS(1)

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