XENTRACE(8)                                                        XENTRACE(8)


       xentrace - capture Xen trace buffer data


       xentrace [ OPTIONS ] [ FILE ]


       xentrace  is  used  to capture trace buffer data from Xen.  The data is
       output in the following binary format (host endian):

           CPU(uint) TSC(u64) EVENT(u32) D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 (all u32)

       Where CPU is the processor number, TSC is the record’s  timestamp  (the
       value  of the CPU cycle counter), EVENT is the event ID and D1...D5 are
       the trace data.

       Data is dumped onto the standard output (which must not be a TTY) or  a
       FILE specified on the command line.

       The  output  should be parsed using the tool xentrace_format, which can
       produce human-readable output in ASCII format.

       -t, --log-thresh=l
              set the threshold number, l, of new records required to  trigger
              a write of all new records to the output

       -s, --poll-sleep=p
              set  the time, p, (in milliseconds) to sleep between polling the
              buffers for new data.


       Mark A. Williamson <mark.a.williamson@intel.com>


       xentrace_cpuinfo(1), xentrace_format(1)

Xen domain 0 utils               11 March 2004                     XENTRACE(8)

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