XDVIZILLA(1)                                                      XDVIZILLA(1)


       xdvizilla - Helper application for running xdvi


       xdvizilla [-no-rm] file


       Presently  (October  2002),  Mozilla has some bugs with helper applica-
       tions: it passes gzipped (.gz) files directly to the helper application
       without  uncompressing,  and  it  passes compressed (.Z) files as empty

       To work around these problems, xdvizilla was written to look  at  files
       and decompress them correctly (depending on their file types).

       In  addition,  some  sites produced tarred dvi files (including the dvi
       file as well as some included figures), and xdvizilla correctly handles
       those files as well.


       Only one option is supported:

       -no-rm Normally  xdvizilla  will  remove  file  before finishing.  This
              option inhibits this behavior.


       In addition to installing xdvizilla  in  a  directory  on  the  default
       search  path,  it  is  necessary  to  set it up as a helper application
       within the browser.

       For Netscape 4.x, add the following lines to the mailcap file:

            application/x-dvi;      xdvi -safer %s
            application/x-dvi-tar;  xdvizilla -no-rm %s

       For Netscape 6.x, Netscape 7.x, or Mozilla 1.x, add the following lines
       to the mailcap file:

            application/x-dvi;      xdvizilla %s
            application/x-dvi-tar;  xdvizilla %s

       In  addition,  it  would  be useful to check that the following line is
       included in the mime.types file:

            type=application/x-dvi  exts="dvi"      desc="TeX dvi file"


       X(1), xdvi(1).


       Paul Vojta, U.C. Berkeley.

X Version 11                    11 October 2002                   XDVIZILLA(1)

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