xdmxconfig(1)                                                    xdmxconfig(1)


       xdmxconfig  -  a  graphical  configuration  tool for Xdmx configuration


       xdmxconfig [filename]


       xdmxconfig reads, edits, and writes configuration files  for  the  Xdmx
       server.   The  grammar  for  the configuration file is specified in the
       Xdmx(1) manual page.

       To start from scratch, create a "New Global" and specify the  name  and
       overall  dimensions  for  the configuration.  Then use "New Display" to
       enter more displays.

       If there is more than one configuration, the configuration name  button
       will bring up a selection menu.

       In  the  right-hand  pannel,  the left mouse button will move the high-
       lighted display at "tool resolution"; the middle mouse button will move
       the  highlighted  display by a single pixel (at "wall resolution"); and
       the right mouse button will bring up a menu  allowing  the  highlighted
       display  to  be  edited  or deleted.  The arrow keys will also move the
       highlighted display by a single pixel.


       Currently, entries with the wall keyword are not editable, but will  be
       preserved in the new output file.  The tool will quit when requested by
       the user, even if a configuration file has not been written out  (i.e.,
       without  warning).   The  menu  interaction  should  be  improved (menu
       entries that don’t currently work should be greyed-out,  for  example).
       The Help button does not work.


       Xdmx(1), vdltodmx(1)

X.Org                            Version 6.8.2                   xdmxconfig(1)

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