x0vncserver(1)             Virtual Network Computing            x0vncserver(1)


       x0vncserver - VNC server which continuously polls an X display


       x0vncserver [parameters]


       x0vncserver  is  a  VNC  server which continuously polls any X display,
       allowing it to be controlled via VNC.  How usable it will be depends  a
       lot  on  the  machine  it’s  running on, and what you’re expecting.  It
       won’t be as fast as Xvnc or a native X server with VNC support compiled
       in,  but  in many cases it is the best option since it is just an ordi-
       nary X application requiring no special installation.

       It has many of the same parameters as  Xvnc.   Running  x0vncserver  -h
       will  give  a list of parameters with descriptions.  Note that you need
       to explicitly specify an appropriate password file using the  Password-
       File parameter.


       Xvnc(1) vncpasswd(1), vncviewer(1), vncserver(1),


       Tristan Richardson, RealVNC Ltd.

       VNC  was  originally  developed  by  the RealVNC team while at Olivetti
       Research Ltd / AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.  It is now being maintained
       by RealVNC Ltd.  See http://www.realvnc.com for details.

RealVNC Ltd                       03 Mar 2005                   x0vncserver(1)

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