WTOC(1)                                                                WTOC(1)


       wtoc  - Convert a Wnn text-form dictionary (or dictionaries) into Canna
       text-form dictionaries


       wtoc [-f hinshidata] [wnnjisho] [cannajisho]


       wtoc converts a Wnn text-form dictionary file into Canna text-form dic-
       tionary  file.  If all dictionary files are omitted, the Wnn dictionary
       data is input through the standard input.  In this case, the dictionary
       of the Japanes Input System is output from the standard output.  If one
       dictionary file is specified, it will be regarded as a Wnn  dictionary.
       At this time, Canna dictionary output to the standard output.


       -f hinshidata
                   The user can add new information about word-type correspon-
                   dence between Wnn and Canna.  The following word-type  cor-
                   respondence information must be described in the hinshidata
                   file.  Within one line, describe the Wnn word type name and
                   the  Canna word type while delimiting by a space(s) or tab.

                     Wnn word type       Canna word type
                     Adverb              #F04


       % wtoc -f tsuikahinshi kihon.u kihon.t

       Inputs word-type correspondence  information  from  tsuikahinshi,  then
       converts Wnn text-form dictionary kihon.u into the Canna text-form dic-
       tionary before output.

       % wtoc special.u | lpr

       Converts Wnn text-form dictionary special.u into Canna  text-form  dic-
       tionary, then outputs the result to the line printer.




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