WEAVE(1)                                                              WEAVE(1)


       weave - translate WEB to TeX


       weave [ -x ] webfile[.web] [ changefile[.ch] ]


       This  manual page is not meant to be exhaustive.  The complete documen-
       tation for this version of TeX can be found in the info file or  manual
       Web2C: A TeX implementation.

       The  weave  program is used to create a TeX file for viewing a Web pro-
       gram.  It takes appropriate care of typographic details like page  lay-
       out  and  the  use of indentation, italics, boldface, etc., and it sup-
       plies extensive cross-index information that it gathers  automatically.
       The  command  line  arguments are the same as for tangle except for the
       option: -x says to omit the index, module name list, and table of  con-
       tents  pages.   (A CONTENTS.tex file will still be written when the TeX
       file is processed, however, unless some macros in webmac.tex are  rede-

       The  output  TeX  file name is formed by adding .tex to the root of the
       Web file name.

       There are several macros that probably should be redefined by the  pro-
       grammer  at  the  beginning  of the Web file.  It is a good idea to set
       \title to the name of the  program.   And,  to  cause  output  of  only
       changed  modules, one can say \let\maybe=\iffalse (usually as the first
       change in the change file).


           TeX macros used by weave output.


       tangle(1) for references, authors, and other information.

Web2C 7.5.4                       4 May 1993                          WEAVE(1)

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