TRIAL(1)                                                              TRIAL(1)


       trial - run unit tests


       trial  [-b]  [-v|-o|-j] [--coverage coverdir] [-r reactor] [-l logfile]
       [-m module [-m module ... ]] [-p package [-p package ...  ]]  file|mod-
       ule|package|TestCase|testMethod ...

       trial --help


       trial  loads  and executes a suite of unit tests, obtained from modules
       and packages listed on the command line.  The --help option prints  out
       a usage message to standard output.

       -s, --summary
              Print out just a machine-parseable summary of the results.

       -v, --verbose
              Be  more verbose. Without this option, trial prints out a single
              character for each test. (e.g. An ’F’ for a failure, a ’.’ for a
              success,  a  ’S’  for skipped test, a ’T’ for a todo and ’!’ for
              unexpected success). With this option,  trial  prints  a  single
              line  for  each  test. This is especially useful for gauging how
              long each test takes.

       -o, --bwverbose
              Be verbose, but do not attempt  to  use  colors  (more  log-file

       -j, --jelly
              Report results in a machine-readable jelly stream.

              Report results with timing information for each test.

       --tbformat <format>
              Format  to display tracebacks with. Valid values are ’plain’ and
              ’emacs’, default being ’plain’.

       -m, --module <module>
              Module containing test cases.

       --testmodule <module>
              Find the test case for a named file

       -p, --package <package>
              Package containing modules that contain test cases.  trial loads
              modules named ’test_’ within the given package.

       -l, --logfile <logfile>
              Log exceptions (and other things) to the given logfile.

       -r, --reactor <reactor>
              Use  this  reactor  for running the tests. The reactor names are
              the same as those accepted by twistd: c, qt, gtk2, and so on.

       --coverage <coverdir>
              Generate coverage information in the given  directory  (relative
              to _trial_temp). Requires Python 2.3.3.

       -b, --debug
              Run  the  tests  in  the  Python debugger. Also does post-mortem
              debugging on exceptions.

       -R, --recurse
              Recursively search the specified packages for test modules.


       Written by Jonathan M. Lange


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright © 2003 Matthew W. Lefkowitz
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

                                 January 2003                         TRIAL(1)

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