SMBMNT(8)                                                            SMBMNT(8)


       smbmnt - helper utility for mounting SMB filesystems


       smbmnt {mount-point} [-s <share>] [-r] [-u <uid>] [-g <gid>]
              [-f <mask>] [-d <mask>] [-o <options>] [-h]


       smbmnt is a helper application used by the smbmount program to  do  the
       actual  mounting  of  SMB shares.smbmnt can be installed setuid root if
       you want normal users to be able to mount their SMB shares.

       A setuid smbmnt will only allow mounts on directories owned by the  us-
       er, and that the user has write permission on.

       The smbmnt program is normally invoked by smbmount(8). It should not be
       invoked directly by users.

       smbmount searches the normal PATH for smbmnt. You must ensure that  the
       smbmnt version in your path matches the smbmount used.


       -r     mount the filesystem read-only

       -u uid specify the uid that the files will be owned by

       -g gid specify the gid that the files will be owned by

       -f mask
              specify the octal file mask applied

       -d mask
              specify the octal directory mask applied

       -o options
              list  of options that are passed as-is to smbfs, if this command
              is run on a 2.4 or higher Linux kernel.

              Print a summary of command line options.


       Volker Lendecke, Andrew Tridgell, Michael H. Warfield and others.

       The current maintainer of smbfs and the userspace tools smbmount, smbu-
       mount,  and smbmnt is Urban Widmark. The SAMBA Mailing list is the pre-
       ferred place to ask questions regarding these programs.

       The conversion of this manpage for Samba 2.2 was  performed  by  Gerald
       Carter.  The  conversion  to  DocBook XML 4.2 for Samba 3.0 was done by
       Alexander Bokovoy.


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