RUNCON(1)                           selinux                          RUNCON(1)


       runcon - run command with specified security context


       runcon  [-c] [-t TYPE] [-l LEVEL] [-u USER] [-r ROLE] COMMAND [ARGS...]


       runcon CONTEXT COMMAND [args...]


       Run COMMAND with completely-specified CONTEXT, or with current or tran-
       sitioned security context modified by one or more of LEVEL, ROLE, TYPE,
       and USER.

       -c     compute process transition before modifying context

       -t     change current type to the specified type

       -l     change current level range to the specified range

       -r     change current role to the specified role

       -u     change current user to the specified user

       If none of -c, -t, -u, -r, or -l, is specified, the first  argument  is
       used  as  the complete context.  Any additional arguments after COMMAND
       are interpreted as arguments to the command.

       Note that only carefully-chosen contexts  are  likely  to  successfully

runcon (coreutils) 5.0           February 2005                       RUNCON(1)

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