RADRELAY(8)                    FreeRADIUS Daemon                   RADRELAY(8)


       radrelay -- replicate accounting data to another RADIUS server


       radrelay  [-a  accounting_dir]  [-d radius_dir] [-f] [-i source_ip] [-n
       shortname] [-r remote-server[:port]] [-s secret] [-S secret_file]  [-x]


       Radrelay  reads  a  file in the detail file format, reconstructs radius
       packets from it and sends them to a remote radius server. When  end-of-
       file  is reached, the file is truncated.  Radrelay then waits for addi-
       tional data to be written to the file, and starts over again.


       -a accounting_directory
              The base directory to use to read the detail file from.

       -d radius_directory
              The base radius (raddb) directory, where the config files  live.

       -f     Do not fork and run in the background as a daemon.

       -i source_ip
              The source IP address to use for sending radius packets.

       -n shortname
              The  radius  configuration  files  (most probably clients.conf),
              will be searched for a client section with  ’shortname’  set  to
              the used argument.  Both the server secret and the remote-server
              address are obtained in this way. Do not use the -r,  -s  or  -S
              parameters in combination with -n.

       -r remote-server
              The  hostname  or  IP address of the remote server. Optionally a
              UDP port can be specified. If no UDP port is  specified,  it  is
              looked  up  in  /etc/services.  The  service  name looked for is
              radacct for accounting packets. If a service  is  not  found  in
              /etc/services,  1813  is used. The -r parameter can’t be used in
              combination with -n.

       -s secret
              Remote server secret.

       -S secret_file
              Read remote server secret from file,  the  file  should  contain
              nothing other then the plain-text secret.

       -x     Enable debug mode, -x will activate radrelay internal debugging,
              -xx will also activate librad debugging.

              The detail file to use,  this  will  be  appended  to  the  base
              accounting directory.


       radiusd(8), doc/radrelay.


       Miquel van Smoorenburg, miquels@cistron.nl.

                                 09 June 2002                      RADRELAY(8)

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