Pampop9 User Manual(0)                                  Pampop9 User Manual(0)


       pampop9 - simulate a multi-lens camera such as the Pop9


       pampop9 pnmfile|- xtiles ytiles xdelta ydelta


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pampop9  tiles  your  starting  image  xtiles by ytiles times.  Each of
       these tiles is taken  from  a  slightly  different  offset  within  the
       source, as determined by the xdelta and ydelta arguments.

       The top line of tiles in the output is taken from the top of the source
       image, the second starts with the ydelta row of the source  image,  the
       next  with the 2*ydelta row, and so on.  Similarly, the first column of
       tiles in the output is taken from the left of  the  source  image,  the
       next  starts with the xdelta column, the next with the 2*xdelta column,
       and so on.


       With a 100 x 100 source image, then the output image from pampop9  3  3
       10  10 will appear to be a three-by-three grid, each tile being 80 x 80
       pixels.  If the origin is taken to be the top-left corner, then the top
       row  of  tiles  will  take  start  at (0, 0) (10, 0) (20, 0) within the
       source image, the middle row will start at (0, 10) (10, 10)  (20,  10),
       and the bottom row at (0, 20) (10, 20) (20, 20).


       pampop9  was new in Netpbm 10.15 (April 2003).  It was adapted slightly
       from pampup9, which was distributed by Robert Tinsley.  At  that  time,
       it  was  distributed  via  By
       October 2004, that URL no longer was valid.




       Copyright (C) 2003 by Robert Tinsley.  This software is released  under
       the GPL ( ).

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