Pamedge User Manual(0)                                  Pamedge User Manual(0)


       pamedge - edge-detect an image


       pamedge [imagefile]


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pamedge  reads  a  Netpbm image (PNM or PAM) and produces an image that
       outlines the edges.

       The output image is of the same type as the input, except that the max-
       val  of  the output is at least 255 and if the input is PBM, the output
       is PGM.

       You can pipe the result through pamditherbw -threshold  and  play  with
       the threshold value to get a PBM (bilevel image) of the edges.

       The edge detection technique used is to take the Pythagorean sum of two
       Sobel gradient operators at 90 degrees to each other.  For more details
       see ’Digital Image Processing’ by Gonzalez and Wintz, chapter 7.

       The  maxval  of  the  output is the same as the maxval of the input The
       effect is better with larger maxvals, so you may want to  increase  the
       maxval of the input by running it through pnmdepth first.


       pgmenhance(1),    pamditherbw(1),    pnmdepth(1),    pammasksharpen(1),
       pamsharpness(1), pamsharpmap(1), pam(1), pnm(1)


       pamedge was added to Netpbm in Release 10.14 (March 2003).  It replaced
       pgmedge,  which  was  the  same  thing,  but worked only on PGM and PBM


       Copyright  (C)  1991  by  Jef  Poskanzer.   Adapted  to  pnmedge  Peter
       Kichgessner in 1995, and then to pamedge by Bryan Henderson in 2003.

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