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       /usr/sbin/nscd - name service cache daemon


       Nscd is a daemon that provides a cache for the most common name service
       requests. The default configuration  file,  /etc/nscd.conf,  determines
       the behavior of the cache daemon. See nscd.conf(5).

       Nscd  provides  cacheing  for  the  passwd(5),  group(5),  and hosts(5)
       databases through standard libc interfaces, such as getpwnam(3),  getp-
       wuid(3),  getgrnam(3),  getgrgid(3), gethostbyname(3), and others. Each
       cache has a separate TTL (time-to-live) for  its  data;  modifying  the
       local  database  (/etc/passwd, and so forth) causes the cache to become
       invalidated within fifteen  seconds.  Note  that  the  shadow  file  is
       specifically  not  cached.   getspnam(3)  calls  remain  uncached  as a


       --help will give you a list with all options and what they do.


       Nscd doesn’t know anything about the underlaying protocols for  a  ser-
       vice.  This  also  means,  that  if you change /etc/resolv.conf for DNS
       queries, nscd will continue to use the old one if you  have  configured
       /etc/nsswitch.conf  to  use  DNS  for host lookups. In such a case, you
       need to restart nscd.


       nscd.conf(5), nsswitch.conf(5)


       nscd was written by Thorsten Kukuk and Ulrich Drepper.

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