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       msql2mysql - convert mSQL programs for use with MySQL


       msql2mysqlC-source-file ...


       Initially, the MySQL C API was developed to be very similar to that for
       the mSQL database system. Because of this, mSQL programs often can be
       converted relatively easily for use with MySQL by changing the names of
       the C API functions.

       The msql2mysql utility performs the conversion of mSQL C API function
       calls to their MySQL equivalents.  msql2mysql converts the input file
       in place, so make a copy of the original before converting it. For
       example, use msql2mysql like this:

       shell> cp client-prog.c client-prog.c.orig
       shell> msql2mysql client-prog.c
       client-prog.c converted

       Then examine client-prog.c and make any post-conversion revisions that
       may be necessary.

       msql2mysql uses the replace utility to make the function name
       substitutions. See replace(1).


       isamchk(1), isamlog(1), myisamchk(1), myisamlog(1), myisampack(1),
       mysql(1), mysql.server(1), mysql_config(1),
       mysql_fix_privilege_tables(1), mysql_zap(1), mysqlaccess(1),
       mysqladmin(1), mysqlbinlog(1), mysqlcheck(1), mysqld(1),
       mysqld_multi(1), mysqld_safe(1), mysqldump(1), mysqlhotcopy(1),
       mysqlimport(1), mysqlshow(1), pack_isam(1), perror(1), replace(1),

       For more information, please refer to the MySQL Reference Manual, which
       may already be installed locally and which is also available online at


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