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       lamrestart - restart a LAM/MPI program.


       lamrestart <-ssi cr self|blcr] <-ssi cr_restart_args argstompirun>
              <-ssi cr_blcr_context_file contextfile>


       -h Print useful information on this command.


       A MPI application can be restarted using lamrestart.

       lamrestart calls the module-specific restart function.  If the selected
       SSI module is
        ’self’, the SSI parameter specifying the arguments to be passed to
       mpirun should also be given as an argument to lamrestart.  In case the
       ’blcr’ Checkpoint/Restart module is specified as the ’cr’ SSI parame-
       ter, the location of the context file should be passed as an argument
       to lamrestart.


       lamrestart -ssi cr self -ssi cr_restart_args "-ssi cr_self_prefix foo
       -np 2 /location/of/application"
           Restart application on 2 nodes.  Note that it is assumed that the
           application has a function named ’foo_restart’, failing which
           mpirun aborts.

       lamrestart -ssi cr blcr -ssi cr_blcr_context_file /path/to/context/file
           Restart mpirun using the specified context file.  The context file
           is the file that was saved during checkpoint time.


       lamcheckpoint(1), lamboot(1), lamhalt(1), hboot(1), lamwipe(1),
       tkill(1), bhost(5), conf(5), lamssi_boot(7)

LAM 7.1.1                       September, 2004                  LAMRESTART(1)

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