kjscmd(1)                                                            kjscmd(1)


       kjscmd - A tool for running KJSEmbed scripts from the command line


       kjscmd kjscmd [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [options] [file]


       kjscmd  is a tool for launching KJSEmbed scripts from the command line,
       and can also provide a console for running commands  interactively.  It
       will  run  the  named file using KJSEmbed (or read a file from stdin if
       ’-’ is specified).


       --console -c
              Enables the graphical console. The console will not  be  visible
              unless  the script enters the event loop or the --exec parameter
              is used. If no script was specified on the command line then the
              event loop is entered automatically.

       --interactive -i
              Enables the interactive command line prompt.

       --exec Tells kjscmd to enter the event loop after executing the script.
              This option is rarely used, but it can be handy if you  want  to
              use  the console to examine the state of the interpreter after a
              non-graphical script has executed.

              Tells kjscmd not to create an X connection. This allows  you  to
              use  scripts  without  needing  an X server (though with reduced


       There are probably lots of bugs.  Use  http://bugs.kde.org/  to  report


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