IPPPSTATS(8)              Linux System Administration             IPPPSTATS(8)


       pppstats - print PPP statistics


       pppstats [ -v ] [ -r ] [ -c ] [ -i <secs> ] [ <unit#> ]


       pppstats prints PPP-related statistics.

       The  -v  flag causes pppstats to display additional statistics, such as
       the number of packets tossed (that is, which the VJ TCP  header  decom-
       pression code rejected).

       The  -r  flag causes pppstats to display the overall packet compression
       rate.  The rate value is between 0 and 1, with 0 meaning that the  data
       is incompressible.

       The  -c  flag  is  used to specify an alternate display mode that shows
       packet compression statistics: the number of packets and  bytes  uncom-
       pressed  (that  is,  before  compression  or after decompression), com-
       pressed, and incompressible (packets which did not shrink  on  compres-
       sion  and  were  transmitted  uncompressed), and the recent compression
       rate.  This rate reflects the recent  performance  of  the  compression
       code  rather  than  the  overall  rate  achieved  since compression was

       The -i flag is used to specify  the  interval  between  printouts.  The
       default is 5 seconds.

       <unit#> specifies which interface to use for gathering statistics.

isdn4k-utils-3.7                  1997/10/26                      IPPPSTATS(8)

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