htdig(1)                                                              htdig(1)


       htpurge  -  remove unused odocuments from the database (general mainte-
       nance script)


       htpurge [-][-a][-c configfile][-u][-v]


       Htpurge functions to remove specified URLs from the databases  as  well
       as  bad  URLs,  unretrieved URLs, obsolete documents, etc. It is recom-
       mended that htpurge be run after htdig to clean out  any  documents  of
       this sort.


       -      Take  URL  list  from standard input (rather than specified with
              -u). Format of input file is one URL per line.  -a Use alternate
              work  files.  Tells  htpurge  to append .work to database files,
              causing a second copy of the database to be built.  This  allows
              the original files to be used by htsearch during the run.

       -c configfile
              Use the specified configfile instead of the default.

       -u URL Add  this URL to the list of documents to remove. Must be speci-
              fied multiple times if more than one  URL  are  to  be  removed.
              Should nor be used together with -.

       -v     Verbose  mode.  This  increases  the  verbosity  of the program.
              Using more than 2 is probably only  useful  for  debugging  pur-
              poses. The default verbose mode (using only one -v) gives a nice
              progress report while digging.


              The default configuration file.


       Please  refer  to  the  HTML   pages   (in   the   htdig-doc   package)
       /usr/share/doc/htdig-doc/html/index.html and the manual pages htdigcon-
       fig(8) , htdig(1) and htmerge(1) for a detailed description of ht://Dig
       and its commands.


       This manual page was written by Robert Ribnitz, based on the HTML docu-
       mentation of ht://Dig.

                                 January 2004                         htdig(1)

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