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       fctl - Control a LAM remote file daemon.


       fctl [-hS] [-s <descno>] <nodes> [<newdir>]


       -h            Print the command help menu.

       -S            Sweep out all but the standard filed descriptors.

       -s <descno>   Sweep out the given filed descriptor.

       <nodes>       Direct command to filed on these nodes.

       <newdir>      Change to new working directory.


       Most MPI users will probably not need to use the fctl command; see lam-
       clean(1).  This command is only installed  if  LAM/MPI  was  configured
       with the --with-trillium switch.

       The  fctl command controls important file daemon (filed) attributes and
       support features.  With no options, fctl reports  the  current  working
       directory  that  is prepended to all partial pathnames on rfopen(2).  A
       file name on the command line becomes the new working directory.

       Another important role of fctl is cleaning the debris that can form  in
       filed  in certain application crashes or bugs.  Any file descriptor can
       be swept clean by indicating its handle (number) with  the  -c  option.
       If  desired,  all descriptors, save stdio (0, 1, 2), can be cleaned and
       filed effectively reset with the -S option.


       fctl h data/set1
           Change current working directory as indicated.

       fctl h -s 4
           Close and remove filed descriptor 4.


       fstate(1), lamclean(1)

LAM 7.1.1                       September, 2004                        FCTL(1)

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