Escp2topbm User Manual(0)                            Escp2topbm User Manual(0)

Created: 1 August 2003


       escp2topbm - convert an ESC/P2 printer file to a PBM image


       escp2topbm [printfile]


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       escp2topbm  reads  an  ESC/P2 printer control stream as input.  It pro-
       duces a PBM image as output.

       escp2topbm filters the raster graphic  content  from  an  Epson  ESC/P2
       printer  control  stream and writes the image it would print as a stan-
       dard (raw) PBM image.

       The input is from the file named by the  printfile  argument,  or  from
       Standard  Input if you don’t specify printfile.  The output is to Stan-
       dard Output.

       escp2topbm understands compression modes 0 (uncompressed)  and  1  (RLE
       compressed) in the Epson input stream.




       As  escp2topbm  is a simple program, created mainly to test pbmtoescp2,
       there are some restrictions:

       ·      escp2topbm looks only at "ESC." sequences and ignores  all  data
              outside these Escape sequences.

       ·      escp2topbm  assumes  that  only  one  raster  graphic  is in the
              printer stream.  If this isn’t true, the result is garbage.

       ·      escp2topbm assumes that all "ESC."  sequences use the same width
              value.  If this isn’t true, the result is garbage.


       pbmtoescp2(1), pbm(1)


        Copyright (C) 2003 by Ulrich Walcher (


       escp2topbm  was  added to Netpbm in Release 10.18 (August 2003); it was
       created around the same time.

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