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       doom - Deliver a signal to a LAM process.


       doom [-h] [-<signo>] <nodes> [<processes>]


       -h        Print the command help menu.

       -<signo>  Deliver the signal <signo>.


       Most MPI users will probably not need to use the doom command; see lam-
       clean(1).  This command is only installed  if  LAM/MPI  was  configured
       with the --with-trillium switch.

       The  doom  command delivers a signal to one or more processes on one or
       more nodes.  The signal is specified with the -<signo> option.   Possi-
       ble signals are:

       4    terminate

       5    suspend execution

       6    continue execution

       7    user defined

       8    user defined

       If  a signal is not specified as an option, 4 (terminate) is delivered.

       If no processes are specified, all application processes on  that  node
       will receive the signal.  Processes can be specified in several ways, a
       mixture of which may be used on the command line.  They are:

       i<index_list>   by the index printed by state(1)

       p<pid_list>     by process identifier


       doom n0-7 i2
           Terminate all processes with LAM index 2 on nodes 0 through 7.

       doom h p9287-9290
           Terminate local processes with process IDs 9287 through 9290.

       doom -5 n0-7,11
           Suspend execution of all application processes on nodes 0 through 7
           and 11.


       state(1), lamclean(1)

LAM 7.1.1                       September, 2004                        DOOM(1)

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