CVSBLAME(1)           User Contributed Perl Documentation          CVSBLAME(1)


       cvsblame - Shows a blame-annotated representation of a CVS controlled
       file in Konqueror.


       cvsblame <filename>


       cvsblame opens Konqueror to display the output of cvs annotate of a cvs
       controlled file. When the mouse is on a revision number shown in the
       second column, a popup with the respective log message appears.

       In the popup, a proper mailto: link to the author of a revision can be
       created as follows: In your home directory, make a file .cvsblame. In
       that file, enter for each repository you are working with a line like

             accounts /home/bernd/.kdeaccounts

       where the accounts file contains a simple list of cvs usernames in the
       first column and the respective mail address in the second.


       Does not really work for filenames which are not in the current direc-
       Is a hack. Really.


       Bernd Gehrmann <>

perl v5.8.6                       2005-09-10                       CVSBLAME(1)

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