BFSTATE(1)                       LAM COMMANDS                       BFSTATE(1)


       bfstate - Report status of LAM buffers.


       bfstate [-ghlp] [-B <#msgs>] <node(s)>


       -g          Include information on system messages.

       -h          Print the command help menu.

       -l          Print buffer levels and limits.

       -p          Display individual packet information.

       -B <#msgs>  Limit the number of messages reported.


       Most  MPI  users will probably not need to use the bfstate command; see
       mpimsg(1).  This command is only installed if  LAM/MPI  was  configured
       with the --with-trillium switch.

       The bfstate command displays information on LAM network message buffers
       on any node in the multicomputer.  For each  message,  bfstate  outputs
       the following information:

       NODE      node containing the message

       DEST      destination node of the message

       EVENT     message event (see nsend(2))

       TYPE      message type

       LENGTH    message length in bytes

       The  -l  option prints the following summary on each node’s buffer sys-
       tem, after all messages for that node have been displayed.

       - maximum size of the internal buffer pool

       - amount of space currently used in the pool.

       Individual message buffers hold network message packets, which  may  be
       only  part  of  a  complete user message.  Normally, bfstate summarizes
       packets into complete messages.  If all packets for a message  are  not
       on  the same node, no information is displayed.  The -p option disables
       this behaviour and one  line  on  information  is  displayed  for  each
       packet.   The  -B  option  changes the maximum number of packet buffers
       acquired (and hence displayable) from the node.


       bfstate n12-14
           Display the status of all  network  message  buffers  on  nodes  12
           through 14.


       If no buffered messages are found, only the title line is displayed and
       information from the -l option, if present.


       bfctl(1), mpimsg(1)

LAM 7.1.1                       September, 2004                     BFSTATE(1)

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