The Contributors Kit

Description: is a web site devoted to helping users of legacy operating systems discover the power of Linux.

The content is designed to meet the needs of users of that other operating system. Unfortunately, users of the other systems may lack basic computing skills that people in the Linux community take for granted. For example, it is entirely possible for users (even those with so-called "certifications") to have never operated a computer using a command line interface or to even understand the data representation of a text file. does not attempt to cover all Linux issues. Specifically, it does not attempt to cover the entire field of system configuration and administration. Rather it is focused on using the bash shell and writing bash shell scripts. It must touch on certain system administration issues since that's what the command line is for.

Since I am a Red Hat Linux user, there is a certain bias to the contents of the site. This is not meant to reflect badly on other distributions, it only means that a) Red Hat holds the largest market share and brand recognition in the North American market, and b) it is the distribution I use. Contributors to are welcome to extend the educational content of the site to include other popular (meaning popular with new users) distributions.

Contibutors wishing to help the project fufill its objectives are welcome. Contributions may be made in the following areas:

The Contributor's Kit is a collection of files designed for persons wishing to contribute to the project. It contains the following files:

        lc_new_script           A shell script that helps you write shell
                                programs.  Use of this script is required
                                for scripts included in the
        lc_new_script.README    Documentation file for the lc_new_script
        lc_new_function         A shell script that helps you write
                                shell functions
        lc_new_function.README  Documentation file for the lc_new_function
        linuxcommand.README     This file


To create a script for contribution to the project:

        tar czvf my_script.tar.gz my_script my_script.README


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