alarm - generate a beeping alarm


This program causes your computer to beep until you press the enter key. This is useful when placed after a long process to alert the user that something requires his/her attention. The program will accept options to control the rate of beeping (the default is 1 beep per second) and the prompting message.


        alarm [ -h | --help ] [-s seconds] [-m message]


        -h, --help      Display this help message and exit.
        -s  seconds     seconds between beeps
        -m  message     message to display



Causes the computer to beep at the default 1 beep per second and display the default prompt message - "alarm: Press enter to continue".

        alarm -s 5 -m "Process is complete."

Beeps once every 5 seconds and displays the message text "Process is complete" in the prompt.


Just copy this script into the directory of your choice. /usr/local/bin is a good choice.

Tested With:

Works fine with Red Hat 5.x-7.x. This is generic bash so it will probably work on any platform that supports bash and will make a noise when a BELL character is echoed to the terminal.


Copyright 2000-2002, William Shotts, Jr. <>

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